Lose weight and improve your long-term health.

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Find out how quickly Norm®’s programme with 1-to-1 health coaching and personal training will help you look, feel and perform better.

Hit your body goals 50% faster
Address every factor that impacts your weight
Get results that last a lifetime
Lose weight now
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Your Norm programme is so much more than just what you eat.

It looks at every factor that impacts your weight for lasting change through 1-on-1 health coaching and personal training.

A customised plan that fits your life

Change how you eat, not what you eat

Achieve your goals - even when life doesn’t go to plan

Get 1-on-1 support whenever you need

Exercises you want to do

Accelerate your progress

Start your journey to a healthier you


Set your goals

Share your goals, health needs, and preferences to see if Norm's programme is a fit for you.


Start your programme

Meet your coach to build your personal programme. They will refine your plan and keep you accountable on your journey.


Achieve your goals

Reach your goal weight and feel confident in your body. Get fit and improve your long-term health.

Personalised support at every step

With over 20 years of experience, our coaching team of personal trainers, nutritionists, health coaches, and doctors have dedicated their lives to helping thousands of people like you become the best version of themselves.

With Norm® you’ll get much more than a nutrition and exercise programme. You’ll learn the specific skills required to achieve your weight loss goal and develop the mindset to sustain those results for life.

Dan Cornelius
Dan Cornelius BSc
Certified Health & Fitness Coach
Precision Nutrition L2

Dan is a highly qualified PT, health coach, and nutritionist with extensive experience in coaching clients from all walks of life. From busy mums and dads to elite athletes including those in the GB Boxing & GB Diving teams. Dan is particularly interested in helping those that struggle to get enough sleep to achieve their fitness goals.

James Davidson
James Davidson BSc
Certified Health Coach
Nutritionist PNL1
Clean Health L2

James understands the challenge of leading a busy life, and as a qualified nutritionist and consultant, he knows how to fit a plan around your schedule. He has a unique skill in helping clients maintain their health and well-being despite their busy lifestyles. James has been through a weight loss journey himself and practices intermittent fasting and mindful eating.

Nigel Calland
Nigel Calland
Certified Health & Fitness Coach
Precision Nutrition L1

Nigel has competed at an elite level with great success. He uses what he has learnt through his 18-year professional career to help clients achieve their goals. With his personal experience in body recomposition, he can help clients at any level achieve their goals. Whether you're a professional athlete or a dad looking to lose weight, Nigel has the expertise to keep you accountable so you achieve your goals.

Umear Ahmad
GMC Registered Doctor
Preventative Medicine
Metabolic Analysis

Dr. Ahmed is an experienced medical professional with a Master's in Public Health, specialising in preventative medicine and occupational health. He's the perfect partner for Norm members seeking to optimise their health through metabolic analysis. As a compassionate physician, Dr. Ahmed is committed to helping his clients achieve their weight loss goals and live a happier, healthier life.

People just like you have achieved great results with our personalised programmes

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The most effective way to lose weight is through 1-on-1 coaching. Get paired with one of our expert coaches to build your personalised plan.

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With Norm you will:
Reach your goal weight
Develop healthy habits to keep the weight off
Feel confident in your body
Take back control of your health
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Frequently asked questions

Find out why you’re 9x more likely to lose weight and keep it off with our programme

What if I don't want to count calories?

Norm takes a holistic approach, meaning we look at all the factors that affect your weight and long term health rather than focus on counting calories or restricting what you eat. With Norm, your coach will build a plan that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle whilst achieving your goals.

Is there a minimum subscription length?

Norm is a health coaching subscription service. Typically members stay with us for 13 weeks or longer until they achieve their health goals. We're so confident that you'll love using Norm in the first 28 days that if you don't we'll give you your money back! You can cancel at anytime by emailing us at:

How do I get matched with a coach?

After completing your questionnaire, the coaching team will review your responses and match you with the best person to fit your lifestyle. It’s usually the coach that has the most experience working with people who are like you.

How do I sign up?

Visit our website and fill in the quiz to find out how quickly you could achieve your goals and begin your weight loss journey. We offer a 7-day trial period for any new members.

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Want to learn more?

Let's talk! We’d be happy to speak to you and see if Norm is a good fit for your health goals.

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